USPS Tracking Problems

The United States Postal Services is United States federal government run independent agency. With a record delivery to around 155 million addresses daily, it covers around half of the world. Its services are exceptionally good and provide customers with every single way to track their parcels easily. USPS tracking system is highly efficient with minimal loopholes. Despite a lot of care taken to ensure that customers are able to track their parcels without any hassle, sometimes issues arise in the tracking of parcels on USPS. These USPS tracking problems arise due to certain reasons.

What are the most common USPS tracking problems?

Though USPS has a hassle-free tracking system, some issues arise occasionally that pose problems to USPS customers. Keep reading to understand these issues, the reasons behind them and how you can resolve them.

USPS track Not Updating

Sometimes, users of USPS postal service face this issue. Though millions of parcels are dispatched round the globe by this service, customers sometimes report this issue. The tracking system stops updating and a user is rendered unable to track his/her parcel.

The reason behind these issues can be technical glitches or due to the inadvertent wrong filling of personal details from customers’ end. It may sometimes take some time to update the tracking information as the parcel gets ready for its dispatch after you drop it. Still if you are not able to track your parcel after one or two days, you can contact USPS customer care and know the reason behind this issue.

Delay in USPS tracking Update

This issue occurs when a customer’s tracking information takes more time than usual to update. In such a scenario, a user finds it difficult to track a package immediately after he/she has dropped it for dispatch.

  • Error in Name on the parcel

If the name on the parcel is printed twice on the parcel or the name of the shipment is changed, it may lead to an issue and cause a delay in updating.

  • Time of Leaving Parcel

If you have left your parcel for shipping on weekends and want to get an immediate update on it, you may have to wait for it as it takes around 48 hours to update tracking information for the parcels shipped during weekends.

Missing USPS Packages

If you find out that your USPS package is either missing or stolen, track its current status using the track number you’d got at the time of shipping. Further, you can fill the help form available on the official website of USPS. Remember that you should use a desktop computer to submit this request form. If you are still not able to track your missing mail even after seven days of filling help form, you can go for missing package search request. This missing package search request must have the following details.

  • Mailing address of sender

  • Mailing address of recipient

  • Type and size of the enveloped

  • USPS tracking number, date of shipping, and label receipt.

  • Description of the package contents in detail including color, brand, or model (if applicable)

  • Snaps of the item you sent to help identify it

When you submit this request, a confirmation email will be sent to you by USPS. Further, you will keep getting timely updates about the ongoing search of your missing package on your email.

If the missing package is tracked, it will be sent to the recipient’s address. If it is not found despite all this, you can file a request for a refund if you are eligible for it. If your package was insured, you can also file an insurance claim within 60 days from the mailing date.

Thus, you see that if you are facing any of the above described USPS tracking problems, you need to follow a fixed procedure to remove that tracking problem. Most of the times, you can recover your mail and get rid of the tracking problems.



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