USPS International Tracking

United States Postal Service not only delivers mails not only across America but also across different countries. It provides its users with a facility to ship packages internationally easily and feasibly. USPS international tracking services are available for over 190 countries including Canada, Mexico, India, Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Jordon, Japan, New Zealand and more.


If you have a parcel to be sent out of your country, you can do that easily with USPS International postal and mail services. Further, its services also include international tracking feature and the insurance cover. What you need to do is to select a mailing service that fits your budget and delivery speed expectations.

This independent postal service headquartered at Washington, DC offers different mail services to its customers to choose from. Further, you can easily track your parcel with the unique USPS tracking number provided to you at the time of dropping the package. Further, you get additional facilities like USPS Customer support, USPS online tools that help you print labels, ship parcels directly from home, schedule your pickup, customize your shipping preferences, send identical parcels to many places simultaneously.

International Shipping Services by USPS

  • Global Express Guaranteed

It is the fastest international shipping service offered by USPS. The delivery takes places within 1 to 3 business days with this service. Further, the shipping rates of this service are competitive and nominal. The money-back facility is also incorporated in this. Using this service, you can easily ship your parcel to over 190 countries across the globe. It comes with a date-specified delivery facility. Tracking is available to all countries. Insurance up to $100 is provided. The delivery rate starts from $67.80.

  • Priority Mail Express International

This service is also quite affordable but it takes around 3-5 business days to deliver a package. A money-back guarantee is incorporated for select countries out of 190+ countries. Free package pickup facility is also incorporated in this service. The shipping price starts from $44.00.

  • Priority Mail International 

This service takes around 6-10 business days to deliver a package to a destination. This reliable service comes with the facility of free shipping supplies. It includes USPS tracking and flat-rate pricing. The shipping price starts from $25.85.

  • First-Class Mail International

This is the most suitable and affordable service for sending envelopes, postcards, and flats. You can use Global Forever Stamps to send postcards or letters of weight up to 1 Oz to almost any country in the world. This service starts from $1.15.

  • First-Class Package International

It is an economical you can use and send small packages to over 190 countries in the world. You can send mails weighing up to 4 lbs.

This service starts from $10.50. Maximum weight allowable is 64 Oz.

  • Airmail M-Bags

This service is the most suited and economical to send huge volumes of printed materials internationally. This service starts from $49.50. Maximum weight allowable is 66 lbs. You can easily send newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogs, books, commercial advertising, directories or any sort of promotional matter using this service.

So, United States Postal Services is one of the best postal services in the USA. It not only delivers parcels across the world but also gives a user the USPS international tracking facility that helps them track their mails easily.

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