USPS Customer Care

USPS is a popular postal service headquartered at Washington, DC. It delivers parcels to over 190 countries across the world. You can easily take help from the customer care service by USPS.  If you have any issue regarding USPS tracking, Informed Delivery, Package Intercept, Change of Address, Mail and Ship, you can contact USPS Customer Care and resolve it.

Why USPS Customer Care?

The customer care service offered by THE United States Postal Service is important for a user as it provides a user with the answer to all his/her queries. It also helps a user understand and decide which service would be the most suitable for a user to use.

The trained, experienced and friendly staff members at the customer care centre of USPS can help a user with:

  • USPS tracing

It helps a user find out the status of his/her parcel. It gives a user every update about his/her parcel and guides him/her on how to use a USPS track number to keep track of a mail.

  • Recovery of lost/missing mails

It helps a user recover his/her lost, delayed or missing mail. You can take help from this service to understand the procedure of initiating a search for your lost/missed package. You can fill a request form first on USPS site. If your package is still not tracked in a week, you can file a search request for missing mail.

  • Management of Mail

You can easily manage your incoming or outgoing mail with the help of the customer service provided by USPS. You can change your mailing address, manage the parcel you are going to receive, and more by taking help from customer care service.

  • Package Intercept

You can take help from this service to redirect a domestic parcel.

  • Feedback about USPS Personnel

It lets you give your feedback about the service of a USPS employee. You can send a compliment for or complain about the behavior or professionalism of an employee via this customer service.

  • USPS Locations

With this customer service, you can find USPS locations across your country. You can find addresses, contact numbers, working hours, and appearance of postal centres. You can also gain this knowledge by clicking Quicktools on the homepage of USPS.

  • Scheduling a Pickup

This service of scheduling a pickup is free for Priority and Express Mails. You can fix your pickup time by contacting this customer service.

  • Calculation of Price

You can calculate the price for your parcel to be sent to a domestic address or an international tracking address from the customer care executives.

  • Finding ZIP Codes

You can find out the zip code for the mailing address by using customer service offered by United States Postal Service.

  • Shopping Online

You can easily know how you can shop products like stamps, envelopes, click & ship labels, supplies, express mail, forms, rolls, collectibles, etc online from the customer care service of this America-based postal service.

USPS Customer Care is an exceptionally good customer service for users of United States Postal Service. Whenever you face any issue with any package while sending or receiving, you can always connect to the customer care executives for it and resolve it effectively.


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