United States Postal Services (USPS) is an independent agency run by the federal government of the United States. It is the only agency that delivers the packages to around 155 million addresses daily. With USPS, you can sit back relaxed as your package is in safe hands. This postal service also offers its valuable customers USPS track feature to keep themselves updated about where their product has reached.

This tracking feature is an automated feature this federal postal agency offers to enable the users to get every update about their parcel until it reaches its destination. The USPS tracking number provided by the agency is a number that you can type in to know the status of your parcel. 

Services Offered by USPS-

There are different types of mail and shipping services USPS offers. Some of them are Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First class mail, Military, and Diplomatic Mail. The tracking number provided to the customer depends upon the category of the mail service the parcel lies in. It can be found in various patterns as below.

  • Priority Mail – 9405 4000 0000 0000 0000 00 (Takes one to three working days)  
  • Priority Mail Express – 9205 4000 0000 0000 0000 00 (Overnight delivery assured), EA 100 000 000 US
  • Priority Mail Express International – 9870 1000 0000 0000 00  
  • Priority Mail International – CP 000 000 001 US

Where to find USPS tracking number?

Usps tracking number location

If you want to keep track of your incoming and outgoing parcels every moment, you can take help of the tracking feature provided by this postal service. It will update you about every movement of your parcel from the source to the destination. 

To track an incoming or outgoing parcel, you need a USPS tracking number provided by the service. You can find this tracking number in any one of the places mentioned below:

  • Your shipping receipt is given by USPS post office
  • Your sales receipt if you have bought insurance at the Post Office
  • Your confirmation mail in online shipping
  • A shipping confirmation e-mail in case of an online retailer
  • At the bottom of USPS tracking label

You must keep this tracking number safe until your product is delivered safely to the destination. 

USPS Tracking by Tracking number

Once the parcel is accepted for delivery at the post office, a bar code will be assigned to the parcel. The barcode will get scanned at every check post and the information about the latest movement of that parcel will reach you via mail and text message. Visit www.usps.com/tracking to know further about the ways you can track and manage a parcel.

USPS track without tracking number-

It often happens that a user gets a USPS tracking number but misses it somewhere. In such a case, there arises a problem of keeping track of the parcel. To handle such situations, the United States Postal Service provides its users with an alternative way where you can track your parcel without having to type your track number time and again. If you become a subscriber of ‘Informed Delivery ‘ feature the USPS offers, you won’t have to go through the toil of typing in the tracking number every time for USPS track of your parcel. All you have to is to sign up for this service and you’ll get to:

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  • Preview the digital images of your mail and manage the incoming parcels
  • Leave the instructions for the delivery if you aren’t there to receive the package
  • Track a parcel without USPS tracking number.
  • Schedule the delivery of a package again If you missed it the first time
  • Keep track of the status of delivery of the arriving packages through mails and text messages

What you need to do for it is to visit www.usps.com/trackingnumber and sign up for the ‘Informed Delivery’ there. This feature is free of cost. Here are the steps you need to follow to use this feature of USPS to make USPS tracking convenient.

  • If you already have an account with USPS, log in to that account. If you haven’t one, create it.
  • You will be prompted to verify your identity and residential address. Do it.
  • Once you do it, your work is done. You can now avail yourself of this free feature and keep yourself informed about the product all the time.

One can see that USPS track is possible with or without a USPS tracking number. In case you still have any issues with the tracking of your package, you can contact the USPS support team to resolve your query regarding the parcel you’ve sent or are about to receive. You can connect to us through a toll-free number or a chat support system. The support team at USPS will help you with tracking your parcel.

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